Secret Sock!

I month or so back the lovely members of the AY forum held a Sock Swap. Unfortunately, I decided not to take part as I really don’t think my sock knitting is up to scratch. I can’t see how I can knit a pair of socks and send them to a member when I know that there are still issues with my sock-knitting!!

But.. As the forum is closing soon and a new one opening in it’s place, one full of ideas and patterns and articles etc, I volunteered to test knit some patterns. That much I can do. I got a pattern from one of the very first socks to be knit and sent for the sock swap.

I finished one of the socks the other day and here are the progress pics!!

The ribbing at the beginning:


The ribbing at the end:


The final product, modelled by Ollie:

On Ollie

A kind of closeup look at the pattern:


Yarn: Angel Yarns 4-ply Sock Yarn in Mink
Pattern: John Puddick, written for the AY Forum
Needles: 3mm DPNs or Circs (I used DPNs)

Ollie has decided that even though the pattern is lacey, he likes these enough to want them for himself. Personally, I think the pattern can be worn by both sexes. 😀

I still have to make it’s twin, but at the moment I am trying to finish some of my Christmas knitting and some of the other socks that I need to make twins for.. 🙂


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