Sad, sad moment

There was very sad moment today, when I decided that the Debbie Bliss Rib and Eyelet tank was really just not my thing.

I’d gotten as far as the armhole shaping on it and I’d put it down and haven’t picked it up for a long, long time. I can’t work up any enthusiasm for it and I’m not liking the way the silk is knitting up in this pattern.

So I’ve frogged it.

Here it is part way through the frogging:

Just at the start of frogging

And here it is at the end:

The End

This was the first time I’d gotten to use my Lantern Moons and they really are lovely to use. Shame about the pattern not being me.


2 thoughts on “Sad, sad moment

  1. nasty frogging!!! 😦 it’s better to frog and make something you know you’ll like/wear than plod on and stick it in the back of the drawer!!!

    Still lantern moons are lush, aren’t they? i love mine.

  2. Yeh.. I came to the same conclusion. I’d have never’ve worn it if I’d finished it… ah well!

    I love my Lantern Moons too!!

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