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7 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi Kai! I’m Claire – I thought I’d say hi as we seem to pin each other’s stuff on Pinterest! Couldn’t find how to say hi on Pinterest so just saying hi here. This is me here (you’ll probably recognize me as I see your avatar show up on my daily Pinterest emails from people who repin my pins!):

    Anyway thought I’d get in touch as we seem to like the same things! Cute blog by the way!

    Take care

    Claire :0)

    • Hi Claire! Thanks for the comment.. And the greetings. 🙂 We do seem to like the same rings. It’s good to meet people that way. Do you have a blog at all?


  2. Yep! It’s

    I would give you my email address but I think these comments are public and your contact me form seems broken (just a heads up)! But send me an email via the ‘contact’ help desk. Judging by our pins it looks like we clearly have amazing taste. Ha ha! Oh and loved your jewellry board – just checked it out and repinned loads! Hurrah!

  3. Hi – I’m about to start on your lovely pattern Armenius. I’d like to know what the actual size of the finished garment is – i.e when you say to fit chest/bust 34″ what is the actual size of the garment in inches around the chest. Many thanks

  4. Hi Kai,
    I live in US and I am a newbie to knitting(actually I knitted a top back in school in India but do not remember much) so have to start all over again.
    I simply love your blog…are booties easy to easy (my friends daughter is having a baby shower…and I would love to present to her a pair of booties!)

  5. I would like to know the” backwards Loop method”, please. I used your summer tabi ankets pattern to make a regular sock with the toe from your pattern. These were so loved by that person. I wanted to make another but I forgot this method. Thank you thank you

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