FO: Socks!

Wow! Two blog posts in as many weeks! I’m on a roll. 😊

I finished these earlier this week and they’ve just been waiting to be photographed.

As some of you may be able to tell, these are made using my go to pattern, the No Purl Monkeys by Cookie A.

I love making these socks. The pattern is so easy to remember, but not boring and they seem to just fly off the needles. I’m sure I wrote the same thing last time I made and blogged about these!

The yarn itself is from The West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply Cocktail Collection and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw the colours. I did try and resist and spent the whole of the knit night ignoring it, but it fell into my hands as I tried to make my escape through the door. I’m glad I bought it, because the socks look amazing!

Yarn: The West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply Cocktail Collection in 06
Pattern: No Purl Monkeys by Cookie A.
Needles: 2.5mm KnitPicks Circulars
Notes/Modifications: My standard 5 repeats for the foot and 6 repeats for the leg and a German Short Row heel. These were worked toe up. So I used the Magic Cast On to cast on 16 sts and then increased from there to 64.

Diane asked how I was going to match the stripes over the heels and I laughed a little and said, I wasn’t going to. I’ll just knit and see what happens. I think she was a little horrified at that! 😄 But that’s exactly what I did and honestly, I think they look fab!

Now that the pics have been taken, they are going straight on to my feet! I know the weather is lovely and sunny, but my feet are still cold, so these will do nicely!

So tell me, what are you all up to, now that the sun is finally shining and the weather is improving? My dogs are loving being outside most of the day. Barking at people and other dogs and cars as they go past!


The FO that I WIPed and FO’d again…

I love my Tangled Yoke. I loved the pattern the minute Eunny Jang released it. I loved the yarn I chose to make it with from the moment I got my little hands on it. I loved the thought of wearing it and I loved the cardigan from the cast on all the way to the cast off.  But I didn’t like one thing on it. The neckline. The yoke was perfect. But the neckline was way, way too high on me.

I couldn’t face ripping it back. My hands were in such a state after finishing the collar and button bands I just couldn’t face having to re do the whole thing again. So I didn’t. And I hated wearing it.

About three-ish years ago, after speaking to Diane about her Tangled Yoke and finding out that she had EXACTLY THE SAME ISSUE, I ripped it back to the yoke and reknit it. All fired up, I completed that part and was so, so pleased. But I put it away again, because I couldn’t face picking up and knitting the button bands. And they involved a little maths, cos of course, I didn’t actually pick a yarn and needles that I got gauge with. No, I picked a yarn and needles where I would have to do some maths and figure out the difficult bits myself. Of course, I also didn’t make any notes on what I actually did. Oh young knitter, how you failed to learn. *shaking head at younger self*

Anyway, the poor cardi has sat unloved in a box somewhere since then and been forgotten.  When we moved back to the UK about a year ago, I came across it again and fell in love all over again. But the dreaded button bands were putting me off pulling it out and finishing it. It sat in a box a while longer.

Once again, Diane was the catalyst. She’s been talking about yoked sweaters during our conversations and she mentioned her Tangled Yoke again and how she was definitely now going to make the changes we spoke about originally. I pulled mine out. I found the magazine with the pattern in it. I found the bits of the ripped out button bands. I picked up the button band sts and FINISHED THEM! Oh the joy! And I didn’t stop there! I found the original buttons I used and I finished the whole thing!


I think this counts as an old project now becoming a completed project… right? So I get to cast on something new, right? I have itchy fingers…..

So tell me, what’s the FO you love the most! Did it give you trouble? What’s the FO you want to reknit but are dreading?

Are any of you as bad as me!!?? 😂 

New year, new ideas..

It was my birthday over the weekend and because of that we normally don’t ‘do’ Valentines Day.  This year I spent the day chilling at the spa and then going out for a wonderful meal in the evening with my hubbie.  I thought it was one of the best birthdays ever and I really wasn’t expecting anything for the 14th.

Well, lo’ and behold.. I got some lovely flowers, some chocolate truffles and a lovely card! He does spoil me and I love him for it! 😍

And, as an extra treat to myself, I decided that I would cast on a new project… I know, I know.. I said I wouldn’t cast anything on until I finished an old project, but I’m making these from left over yarn and I NEED these! I promise!

It’s a pair of Yoga Socks from Yarnspirations. I’ve made these before and changed the pattern up so that they were much longer.  I find that, even though I love them, they’re a little on the baggy side.  Which isn’t much of an issue when they’re this long.  But I’m sticking to the smaller version of these this time round, so I want them to be a bit more fitted.

With that in mind, I’m using a 2.5mm circular instead of the suggested 3.25mm and I’m not going to do any of the increases.  It’s just going to be the 64 sts through out. Hopefully they’ll knit up quickly and I’ll have them ready to go before this Friday when I have my Pilates class!

Also, I’ve been more naughty…. Diane sent me this lovely notebook for my birthday and suggested I might use it for some design work. Well, who am I to argue?! So I started a new design that’s been percolating in my head for a while.

Here’s a hint:

It’s Lacey. It’s spriongy. And I know I’m going to love it when it’s done!

What are you guys up to? Any naughtiness on the horizon?

Bouncy, bounce…

Tigger and Piglet Cross Stitch

Unfortunately, there has been hardly any progress on my knitting WIPs recently. I’ve kind of hot a brick wall with all of them and even though I have plenty of projects I would love to start lined up on Ravelry, I am finding it hard to find my mojo.

But.. having said that, I have been a good crafter and have finished a project I started about 6 years ago.

Tigger and Piglet Cross Stitch

This is Tigger and Piglet.. 🙂 I am extremely proud of this work as it’s my first cross stitch project ever and it was all free hand (counted stitches). Not exactly what I would recommend to a beginner, which explains why it took me so long to complete.

Tigger and Piglet Cross Stitch

I started it when I first bought it back in the UK and found that after the first few sts I had no idea what I was doing.. at all. I put it away and then every few years I would pick it up, stare at it for a while, convince myself that I was definitely not a cross stitcher and put it away again.

Tigger and Piglet Cross Stitch

This time, I took it out and actually took a good look at the instructions, knew where I had gone wrong before and started from where I had left off. I made mistakes, corrected some and glossed over others and this is the final result.

Tigger and Piglet Cross Stitch

I am so, so pleased and I have realised that I can actually cross stitch and it’s not that difficult.
Having started with a counted pattern I now have the confidence to try more of the same and know for sure that I can complete a printed pattern without difficulties! I am looking forward to my next project! 🙂