New year, new ideas..

It was my birthday over the weekend and because of that we normally don’t ‘do’ Valentines Day.  This year I spent the day chilling at the spa and then going out for a wonderful meal in the evening with my hubbie.  I thought it was one of the best birthdays ever and I really wasn’t expecting anything for the 14th.

Well, lo’ and behold.. I got some lovely flowers, some chocolate truffles and a lovely card! He does spoil me and I love him for it! 😍

And, as an extra treat to myself, I decided that I would cast on a new project… I know, I know.. I said I wouldn’t cast anything on until I finished an old project, but I’m making these from left over yarn and I NEED these! I promise!

It’s a pair of Yoga Socks from Yarnspirations. I’ve made these before and changed the pattern up so that they were much longer.  I find that, even though I love them, they’re a little on the baggy side.  Which isn’t much of an issue when they’re this long.  But I’m sticking to the smaller version of these this time round, so I want them to be a bit more fitted.

With that in mind, I’m using a 2.5mm circular instead of the suggested 3.25mm and I’m not going to do any of the increases.  It’s just going to be the 64 sts through out. Hopefully they’ll knit up quickly and I’ll have them ready to go before this Friday when I have my Pilates class!

Also, I’ve been more naughty…. Diane sent me this lovely notebook for my birthday and suggested I might use it for some design work. Well, who am I to argue?! So I started a new design that’s been percolating in my head for a while.

Here’s a hint:

It’s Lacey. It’s spriongy. And I know I’m going to love it when it’s done!

What are you guys up to? Any naughtiness on the horizon?


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