FOs: More socks!!

It’s been a few weeks, and the knitting has been interspersed with a little garden work and watching tennis (French, Queens, Eastbourne and now Wimbledon!!) a lot. So with that in mind, the knitting has been small projects.

First up, another pair of baby socks.. I think this is a great way to use up the leftover bits of sock yarn that I’ve accumulated over the years… This is after using a little for the crochet blanket I’ve had going for an age!

Eyelet Baby Socks

Eyelet Baby Socks

Yarn: Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball in Brombeeren
Pattern: Eyelet Baby Socks by Lion Brand Yarn
Needles: 2.5mm KnitPicks
Notes/Modifications: As instructed, but I changed the heel and toes. I worked a German Heel and my normal toe.

This definitely used up the last of that yarn and it was such a fun and cute little knit. It’s a good way to stock up on handy little gifts for when friends have babies and at the moment I have a couple who are expecting!!

Next up, it’s another pair of socks.

By The Seine Socks

I have a thing for feather and fan… Always have. But for some reason I haven’t actually knit that much of it at all. It fascinates me with the way that I looks so complicated, but is so darn easy to achieve! It also fulfills my need for the occasional stint of lacework.

By The Seine Socks

Yarn: Arauncania Ranco Multy
Pattern: By the Seine River by Dona Knits
Needles: 2.25mm KnitPicks
Notes/Modifications: I started these on the recommended 2.5mm needles, but they looked huge to me, so I went down a needle size and these worked much better. The heel is my new favorite (if you haven’t already figured it out!) the German Heel.

I loved making these socks. They fell off the needles, when I had a chance to work on them. I love the yarn too. It’s pretty squishy and works up beautifully. The colors in this particular skein are stunning. The little pops of bright blue really do it for me! I think the yarn also makes for hard-wearing socks. I’ll definitely be buying more of this yarn.

By The Seine Socks

I have plenty of yarn left over from these beautiful socks too, and as you can already guess, I’m making more little things for little people. This time it’s going to be booties.. So I’ll be back with those soon.

In the meantime, I’m going back to watching Wimbledon and knitting a little more.. If any of you have any tried and tested baby patterns, I would love to hear about them. Let me know in the comments! Have a great week, my lovelies…


4 thoughts on “FOs: More socks!!

  1. Lovely socks and I’ll be looking forward to baby pattern ideas, I was so pleased to have a wee pair of socks on hand the other week when I hadn’t finished an overly ambitious sewing project for a new arrival. I knit a sweet little dress, called something like Little Sisters dress a long while back, that sticks in my mind as fun and cute.

    • They are nice socks!! Even if I do say so myself.. :). I’m looking for all kinds of patterns to be honest… This will be a nice collection for when I’m ready to have some little ones myself as well. I like Helena a lot! Thanks!

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