FO: Fluted Cowl

This is officially my first finished project of 2013!!

Flutey Cowl

When Winter hits, I automatically develop this urge to knit nice and snuggly things and for a while now I’ve wanted one of those HUGE cowls that everyone seems to be wearing.

Flutey Cowl

Right from the moment this want emerged I knew at the back of my mind that it wasn’t going to work for me. I have a small neck and filling it with a huge cowl was not going to help. I am short. I own that, yet I can not accept the fact that this particular style is not going to do anything to help me.

Flutey Cowl

But I WANTED a cowl like this. WANTED. So, I pulled out some super bulky yarn from my stash and proceeded to knit this beautiful pattern. And it really is. I loved knitting this pattern. It’s simple and easy and not much work for TV knitting.

Flutey Cowl

I knew though. Even before I cast off, I knew. I love this cowl. I hate this cowl. But…. I love this cowl. I just won’t wear it and therefore this has now been added to the gift pile. I am sad. 😦

Flutey Cowl

Yarn: GGH Aspen in 42 (Beige) x 5
Pattern: Fluted Cowl by Purl Soho
Needles: 10mm Denise Interchangeables
Notes/Modifications: I used smaller needles as I didn’t have the right size in my needle cache. I also only knit 10″ instead of the recommended 15″. The reasons for this are above.

The yarn on the other hand is not one I enjoyed working with. It’s mainly Acrylic and it was a purchase I made near the beginning of my knitting adventures. Finally used half of it and the rest has been gifted to charity.

Anyway. I enjoyed this knit, but it’s now been added to the gift pile.


10 thoughts on “FO: Fluted Cowl

  1. But it’s so snuggly! 😦 And looks lovely on you. I have the same problem – short neck – but I don’t care if I don’t look like what someone else deems acceptable if I am warm and snug and had a lovely cowl. 🙂

  2. Maybe a cowl made in a less bulky yarn would ease the sense of confinement. Anyway, I think it looks good on. Hats don’t particularly like or suit me, but that’s never stopped me making and wearing them 😀

    • I was thinking less bulky yarn as well… And I have the same issue with hats!! Still wear them though. Maybe I should take the same attitude with bulky cowls as well! 🙂

  3. As another shorter necked person I do sympathise, we always want what we don’t have, no?
    However, lovely as your cowl is, you do look uncomfortable in it. So, on the plus side it will make a lovely gift for someone with a longer neck and, you can treat yourself to some really beautiful wool to make yourself an equally lovely but less bulky cowl which you will feel gorgeous and cosy in – WIN!

    • Exactly!! Thank you Terri. I’ve been ruminating on it and had nearly convinced myself to give it another go, but to be honest, I don’t want to be uncomfortable, so gift it is and I will make myself a less bulky cowl!

  4. Good grief!! I think you should wear it. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I love the color. Plus…it looks warm. I can’t believe we only a few weeks into 2013 and you already have a knit off the needles!!! There is no such thing as a short neck.

  5. Aw, it looks so cosy! But I know what you mean about patterns that look tempting to knit, but impractical to wear. I love knitting mittens, but rarely get to wear them as I need my fingers free when working on the farm. Still, your cowl will make a fab gift – and congrats on finishing a project so soon in 2013!

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