FOs: Socks for two?

Two projects that I did finish late last year were these socks. Firstly we have the Cachoeira Socks from Knitty, by Kristi Geraci.

Cachoeira Socks

I made these as a present and they turned out beautifully. The yarn is Wollmeise, and even though I love the colours, the yarn itself is something I find very difficult to work with.

Cachoeira Socks

The pattern though was easy enough to work and the lace enough to keep me very interested. I think I would’ve finished them a lot quicker if it hadn’t been for the yarn.

Cachoeira Socks

Yarn: Wollmeise Twin in Taube
Pattern: Cachoeira Socks by Kristi Geraci
Needles: 2.25mm KnitPicks
Notes/Modifications: I don’t think I changed anything at all… Maybe the toe end, I have my own toe to work and I always use it, but the rest is according to the pattern.

These have now reached their new home and will be loved and cherished. 🙂

The second pair was much simpler. The yarn was so busy that I decided the actual sock would have to be plain.

Rainbow Socks

But once I started the first sock, I got a little tired of the plain sock, so I ripped back to the cuff (which was ribbing with a k1tbl, p1 instead of a knit and purl) and started a simple cable down each side of the leg and then along the top of the foot after the heel.

Rainbow Socks

Yarn: The Knitting Goddess Paradise in Multi
Pattern: Rainbow Socks by me
Needles: 2.25mm KnitPicks
Notes/Modifications: simple cuff and simple cable along leg and foot. The heel is a German heel and I found it quite interesting to work. Not a major fan of wrapping and turning, so to find that I didn’t have to was great fun. I’ll definitely use it again.

Rainbow Socks

These was nice and easy, but not that quick. I found that most of last year I was busy casting on and flitting from project to project instead of working on the ones that I was supposed to be working on.

Hopefully this year will be different and I can actually finish more of the started projects!


4 thoughts on “FOs: Socks for two?

  1. My heart beats faster looking at these….you know, I am going to get back into knitting. I have a pair of socks on my needles now for almost six months, almost finished….knitting socks always made me happy and I have not done it for too long!

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