Bouncy, bounce…

Tigger and Piglet Cross Stitch

Unfortunately, there has been hardly any progress on my knitting WIPs recently. I’ve kind of hot a brick wall with all of them and even though I have plenty of projects I would love to start lined up on Ravelry, I am finding it hard to find my mojo.

But.. having said that, I have been a good crafter and have finished a project I started about 6 years ago.

Tigger and Piglet Cross Stitch

This is Tigger and Piglet.. 🙂 I am extremely proud of this work as it’s my first cross stitch project ever and it was all free hand (counted stitches). Not exactly what I would recommend to a beginner, which explains why it took me so long to complete.

Tigger and Piglet Cross Stitch

I started it when I first bought it back in the UK and found that after the first few sts I had no idea what I was doing.. at all. I put it away and then every few years I would pick it up, stare at it for a while, convince myself that I was definitely not a cross stitcher and put it away again.

Tigger and Piglet Cross Stitch

This time, I took it out and actually took a good look at the instructions, knew where I had gone wrong before and started from where I had left off. I made mistakes, corrected some and glossed over others and this is the final result.

Tigger and Piglet Cross Stitch

I am so, so pleased and I have realised that I can actually cross stitch and it’s not that difficult.
Having started with a counted pattern I now have the confidence to try more of the same and know for sure that I can complete a printed pattern without difficulties! I am looking forward to my next project! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bouncy, bounce…

  1. You’ve just reminded me that i have a winnie the pooh cross stitch somewhere which is half completed! 😀 I need to get on that…! Your cross stitch is lovely!

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