FO: Zick-Zack Tunic

Zick-Zack Tunic

I use my trips back to the UK as a fashion guideline sometimes.. I seem a little out of touch here in Germany! What I mean by this is that I look through my sisters’ closets and work out what the new ‘in-trend’ is. This Christmas, I did the same and found that everyone seems to be loving the leggings or skinny jeans paired with a tunic or short dress.. I love this style. I love my skinny jeans and the tunic sounds great, so I started trawling through some patterns and found the Zick-Zack Tunic by Melissa Wehrle. It’s published in Interweave Knits Spring 2009 and having had a subscription to said magazine for a while now, I knew I had this pattern somewhere!

Zick-Zack Tunic

Yarn: Middlearthknitter Yarns laceweight BFL in a very bright red!
Pattern: Zick-Zack Tunic by Melissa Wehrle
Needles: 4mm and 3.25mm circs.
Modifications/Notes: I swatched on 4.5mm as the pattern called for, but I found it too gappy for my liking, so I went down to 4mm. Then I decided that I didn’t like the original zig-zag lace pattern so I spent a couple of evenings flicking through my stitch dictionaries and eventually found this one in the Vogue Knitting dictionary. Love it so much more. I had to fudge the numbers a little to make it work as well. Also, I knit this mostly in the round because I’m lazy and don’t really like seaming. At all. So up to the sleeve shaping, it’s worked in the round.

Zick-Zack Tunic

The pattern is well written and easy to adapt if the stitch pattern isn’t to your liking. The ribbing on the bottom hem and sleeves and cowl neck are all worked with the yarn held double and the rest of the pattern is single thread. It’s still a little gappy, but honestly this will make a lovely summer cover-up.

Zick-Zack Tunic

I’ve worn this multiple times since I finished it, so I’m really pleased. Also. it hasn’t been blocked, but with it fitting the curves so well, there doesn’t seem to be much need!

Would I make this again? Yes, I think I would, but in a heavier weight yarn and maybe I’d stick to the original Zick-Zack pattern!! 🙂


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