Bringing in the New Year

Christmas 2011 Mosaic

I spent Christmas with my parents and siblings in the UK and we had a great time. It was spent eating and drinking and reminiscing and catching up on the latest family gossip and news.

My sisters and brother are fab. One sister is married (to a fabulous guy), another is getting engaged next year (which we spent oodles of time talking about!) and the third is looking for love. My brother is sweet and caring and spent time telling us all how he would need to have a ‘chat’ with my sister’s fiance-to-be! 🙂

To close 2011, here are a few shots of the yarny goodness my sister got me for Christmas.

Christmas Goodies

And it all came in a lovely Ted Baker bag which will be used for knitting projects!!

Christmas Goodies

It was great being back with the family. But I have to say I’m glad to be home. I’ve spent the last few days pulling out the staircase in the living room as we have two and this one is surplus to needs. It will open up the living room dramatically and I can start painting and reorganising and sorting out what should go where. I may even reclaim a crafting area!!

So here’s to a bright, new, happy, healthy 2012!


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