FO: Booties for a Baby

Little Booties

Last year I met a lovely young lady through a friend and she is also a ‘newbie’ to Germany. When I met, she’d just had a little boy and he was a few months old… well, yseterday he turned 1. ๐Ÿ™‚

Little Booties

Vincent is adorable. And he’s just learning to walk.

Little Booties

I’ve wanted to make him something knitted for a while now, but my friend is a knitter herself and the family have all knitted something big or small for Vincent. But, knowing it was his birthday, and that Winter is here, I thought he could use some extra booties. You can’t have enough socks or booties at that age!

Little Booties
Yarn: Schachenmayr nomotta Ecologico in Cream
Pattern: Simple Shoes by Martha McQuade
Needles: 6mm KnitPicks Circular
Modifications/Notes: I chose a Bulky yarn so that these would be a little bigger. Cast on 8 sts and work pattern as set. Only change is picking up 8 sts along bottom edge and then on 4th knit round decrease 2 sts at each 8st end. Work the rest of the pattern as is.

These were so quick and easy to knit. It took me a couple of hours with a few tea breaks!! I will definitely make them again.

We’re visiting later today so I’ll try and snap some pics of Vincent wearing the booties. Hopefully they’ll fit as well!


3 thoughts on “FO: Booties for a Baby

  1. They are are so cute! Hope you are having a nice weekend and thanks for visiting my space. I am almost starting to feel normal again. I think once I have some real time off at Christmas, I should feel completely back in form ๐Ÿ™‚

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