WIP: Montview Progress

Rowan Fleted Tweed Aran

For a while now, I’ve been hoarding some lovely Rowan Felted Tweed Aran in my stash. Every now and again I wandered past the little cubby hole where it was stashed, stuck my hand in and had a bit of a feel. I love the squishiness of the yarn and the fact that it’s not all soft. There’s a texture of a little roughness too. And, to me, it’s always felt like the yarn would knit up into one fantastic, cosy and luscious piece of clothing.

I wasn’t wrong.

Montview for Me

For the last few weeks I’ve been working on Ruth’s fantastic Montview Cardigan, which was published in Knitscene, Fall 2011. I saw the pictures for this cardigan on Ravelry and knew that I wanted it. I mean WANTED it BADLY. This went straight to the top of my queue and as soon as I had the pattern I cast on.

I love the structure of this cardigan and I love the way the cables are worked up the front and back, making it very symmetrical. I like symmetry.

Montview for Me

The cardigan is currently blocking in my office and once it’s dry and ready, I’ll work the collar and button bands and then with whatever yarn I have left, I’ll make the sleeves. This is were the project might become a little tricky. I like 3/4 length sleeves and that might be the option I have to take because I have 2 balls less than the recommended amount listed in the pattern (eek!). But, I have to say that with this cardigan I really want full length sleeves. I will probably end up searching for those extra couple of balls closer to the end of the sleeve knitting.

Montview for Me

Can’t wait to complete this… It’s going to be perfect for the cold weather we’re going to have this Winter!


2 thoughts on “WIP: Montview Progress

  1. Let’s face it. Who doesn’t hoard Felted Tweed if they have the chance (unless one has the perfect pattern and actually knits with it!)

    Those cables look fantastic!

  2. It’s looking wonderful. Thanks for stopping by. I am not back to full-time blogging yet. I just finished school and changed jobs so life is still a bit upside down, but at least I am getting time to read some of my favorite blogs.

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