Yesterday, as I was leaving the house, I thought to check the postbox and to my great delight I had a lovely package waiting or me.

Now on Facebook, I have joined a Hexipuff/Bee Quilt group so that we can all encourage each other with making these beautiul little parcels of joy and exclaim over each others colour choices and progress. As part of all this a smaller group of us decided to have a little swap of scrap yarn so that we can have some more beautiul colours in our quilts. Well, this lovely package was my swap parcel from the lovely Marianne aka Picperfic from Fluff n´ Stuff. Ohh what delights…

I was in quite a rush so I thought I would leave it on my desk and open it when I got back.. You know, the anticipation, the thrill etc etc etc. So, when I got in last night, I rushed into my ofice and careully opened my parcel. To my surprise and delight, I also found this inside:


Guessed what it is yet?? Yep! It´s one of Marianne´s magical, magnificent Hexibags!! I love it! It´s perfect.


And look at this!!!


And there is more… lots more..


Ohhh lookie, the other side.. with buttons!


The inside…


and a look at those hearts!!! Love, Love, Love!


Thanks Marianne, your are a sweetheart and I love my Hexibag!


5 thoughts on “Hexibag!

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  2. OOOO! Envy is a terrible thing, alas my hexipuffs are relegated to an ols Soap & Glory hat box. I love the colours and design, big thumbs up! :-)))

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