FO: Babette Blanket

Baby Babette

Early on in January I was going through my stash trying to get inspiration for my next project when I came across a bag full of Acrylic DK which I must’ve bought right at the beginning of my return to knitting & crocheting.

Now I don’t really like working with Acrylic due to the impact on my hands, but most of this was baby dk and it’s quite soft. Due to the amount I had in that bag, I decided a blanket would be great but I was waiting for a project to come along. Ravelry to the rescue. I saw someone fave a Babette Blanket and I knew straight away that was what I was going to make. I had some lovel pastel-y colours and a sharp orange which would offset them and I just wanted one more colour to give it a bit more contrast.

Baby Babette

Yarn: Bundle of Joy in 150 – White, 201 – Baby Pink & 254 – Baby Lemon. Stylecraft Baby DK in 1233 – Baby Yellow. Stylecraft Special DK in 1026 – Apricot & 1132 – Shrimp. Sirdar Legend DK in 623 – Pale Blue.
Pattern: Babette Blanket by Kathy Merrick from Interweave Crochet Spring 2006
Hooks: 4mm for squares and 3.5mm for edging
Notes/Modifications: I assembled it slightly differently to the diagram, mainly to make the colours work better. I took the colour key and adapted it for the colours that I had and changed colours if I thought they didn’t quite go or I had too many repeats of the same colour.

Baby Babette

I loved making this blanket, as you can see from the time it took me to make it. I started at the beginning of January and finished it this morning.

I still have plenty of DK left over for another blanket, and I think I’ll go trawling for another pattern soon. For the moment, my need to crochet is sated and I can return to knitting for a while.

Baby Babette

Hopefully this will become a treasure for the baby it’s intended for! 🙂


4 thoughts on “FO: Babette Blanket

  1. It’s gorgeous! 😀 I like the little bursts of red amongst the pastels. 🙂

    I didn’t bother making any blankets for Rose when she was wee, but my grandma knitted her a blanket from acrylic which was actually incredibly soft and it proved indispensable for warming her up in the car or impromptu bum changing!

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