I was wondering…

As some of you know I’ve been wondering about the popularity of my blog. I normally just write for myself as it keeps a nice little record of what I’ve been knitting and spinning, but it’s kinda nice to know, you know?

Well, I’ve been asked to publish the top Knitting Blogs November 2010 Preview by Wikio, and here they are!

1 Wendy Knits
2 The Woolly Adventures of a Knitting Kitty
3 ysolda
4 needled
5 Dye Studio Diary
6 glittyknittykitty
7 All things Socktopus!
8 Chatiryworld
9 fourth edition
10 Little Cotton Rabbits
11 mooncalfmakes
12 Spinning Fishwife
13 Fibreholics UK
14 Clasheen by Nicola Brown
15 Art Yarn
16 Picperfic’s Blogspot
17 Yarn Mistrys
18 Diaries Of An Obsessive Compulsive
19 Confessions of a Graveyard Gypsy
20 Daisie Days
21 My knitting, allotment and other witterings blog.
22 slippedstitch
23 The binge knitter
24 Becks makes.
25 Northern Lace
26 Carolee Crafts
27 Dyed in the Wool
28 BananaKnits.com
29 The mogs blog, the meanderings of a cat through yarn and life
30 cheviots


Ranking sewn together by Wikio

Interesting, isn’t it? I know previously, I’ve been in the Top 10, so I’m hoping that with more posting and some interesting new things on their way, I’ll get back up there…

In the meantime, I’ll just keep knitting! šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “I was wondering…

  1. What surprises me about their list – I’m no 30 – is that Jean’s Knitting, which is well-established and much read, is not on there. How can this be?

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