Some Test Knitting

A few months ago, Cosy, one of the lovely ladies I met at SOAR put out a request for some test knitters for her upcoming e-books.

I volunteered and was able to knit up three things for Cosy.

Handspun Belle

First up was the Belle pattern. The pattern is an extended version of the Bab Belle pattern that Cos released a while ago and has sizes for toddlers now. I made the 12mth size from some of my handspun and some Lamb’s Pride Cotton Fleece. I loved making this lovely little cardigan and the colours make me smile, considering I’m not much of a blue person!

Brussel Sprouts Mitt

I then made the Brussel Sprout Mitts out of some Polwarth Handspun that was a gift from Diane and some of orange yarn that I had on hand. These were a large and fit a friend perfectly, so they were gifted. I had enough yarn left over to complete another pair of mitts for Cosy,

Elevator Mitts

These are the Elevator Mitts and they’re all mine! I love these mitts and they’ve had a couple of outtings already now that the weather is a bit colder. I used handspun throughout for these, so the Polwarth and some of the lovely orange merino, which was amongst m first ever handspun.

I love test knitting for other people. It’s great seeing their ideas taking form in my hands, especiall when I making them out of m own handspun. Yummy. 🙂


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