Green Tomato Pickle

Green Tomato Pickle

Last year, during planting season, Ollie and I discussed having some tomato plants, but we were a little wary as they would have to be grown outside as we didn’t have a green house. Well, the few plants we did have thrived in the south facing garden and we had quite a few tomatos for our own consumption, and even gave a number away!

This year, we actually have a small green house and it’s full to the brim with tomato, chilli and pepper plants. The tomatos are doing really well, but they’re not quite ripe.. Now some of you know, I can be pretty impatient when I get an idea in my head and this particular idea was pickles. I wanted to make pickles. So… I spent a few days watching my green tomatos hoping they would ripen quickly. Well then didn’t, so I moved onto plan B and decided that Green Tomato Pickle it was going to be!

Green Tomato Pickle

Here is the recipe that i used.

1kg chopped/sliced Green Tomatos
225g sliced Onions
56g Salt (42g for the tomatos, 14g for the onions)
115g Brown Sugar
200ml Vinegar
3 Chillies
20g Mustard Seeds
15g Celery Seeds
1 tbsp Mixed Spices (coriander seeds, cloves, black peppercorns, chopped bay leaf, dry chillies)


1. Chop/slice the tomatos and onions into separate bowls. Cover each with the correct amount of salt, mentioned above. Cover and leave to stand at room temperature for 4-6 hours.

2. Drain the tomatos and place into a muslin/cheese cloth and gently squeeze out an excess water. Place into a pan. Repeat for onions.

3. Place all the other ingredients into the pan as well. If you would rather not have all the spices in your final pickle, place the mixed spices into a cheese cloth and tie into a bundle. Place into the pan as well.

4. Bring the mixture to a boil. Simmer for 10 minutes.

5. Place the mixture into your sterilised jars and leave small amount of room at the top of each jar. Also, divide the chillies up between the jars. Place the lids on and put your jars into another pan of boiling water and boil for 10 mins.

If, like me, you like your pickle to have a bit of crunch to them, omit the simmer for 10 mins step and just use the boil bath at the end. After 10 minutes, the pickle will be just right. If on the other hand, you like it a little mushy, follow as written!

This is quite tart and you may want to increase the amount of sugar you use or reduce the amount of vinegar.

Green Tomato Pickle

The perfect accompaniment to an summer meal eaten in the garden! I’m hoping to be able to make at least another (bigger) batch before the end of summer, to take me through to next years harvest!

Have a go yourself, and let me know what you think!!!!


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