I think there may be a few posts like this and I’m hoping that some of my lovely readers will be interested.



First up, I have an Ashford Drum Carder that I need to sell. I’ve only ever used it once to card some Alpaca Fleece. It’s a great tool, but at the moment, my spinning has become so minimal that it seems a waste to have this sitting here gathering dust. I would rather it went to a good home.

The blurb:

Two ratios for more flexibility when carding and blending.
4:1 – For creative blending of slivers
6:1 – For smooth, controlled carding of fleeces
Adjustable drums to suit all fibres
Card 50g (2oz) batts
Fine 72 point
Clamps and awl included
Assembled and lacquered.

Shipping to Germany would be 7 euros max and to the UK, 20 euros max.



Next up is my first spinning wheel. It’s a German make and I love it to bits. My only issue is that it’s a single treadle and I can’t spin for long on it due to back issues. 😦

It has 2 ratios and 3 bobbins. The yarns that I have spun on it all vary in weight from chunky all the way through to laceweight. It’s pretty versatile and I haven’t spent a day wishing that it was a double treadle.

I paid 360 euros and am selling it for 220 euros.

Here is the Henkys website which contains the price list and some more information on their wheels. (If only they had done a double treadle when I got my wheel!!)

These prices are negotiable and I would really appreciate it if you could help me spread the word. It would be nice to see them go to good homes. Also, I will ship anywhere, just let me know where it needs to go and I’ll come back with courier prices for you.

I take paypal and if you’re in Germany, then a money transfer is fine as well.

Please, please, please let me know if you’re interested. Thanks!


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