FO: Starsky


I love big cardis. I’m drawn to them like a moth to light…. drawn. 🙂

When I wander through shops, most knitwear will pass me by and even though I admire, I’ll normaly say to myself ‘I can make something like that myself’. Not that I ever do, of course, but I know I can.

One type of knitwear though always gets my attention. The big wooly cardigan. I love the whole enveloping feel. It makes me feel like I’m surrounded by warmth and love and coziness. I normally have to be dragged away.


Now I know I can make big comfy cardigans myself, but for some reason I just never have. Then I saw Starsky, or in particular, someone’s version of Starsky. I saw the original pattern on and it was added to my to-do list, but it didn’t realy grab me. Then I saw some one else’s on Ravelry and I loved what they had done with it, and I cast on.

I love the feel of this cardi and I love the fact that I can just fling it on, tie it up and off I go.


What I do wish though is that I’d made the body longer and the fronts wider and the collar bigger. I might actually add more to the collar anyway and then block it and see how it fairs.

I do love it though and the actual knitting process was engaging enough not to lose my attention.


Yarn: Patons Aran Style in 1005 with flecks
Pattern: Starsky by Jordana Paige
Needles: KnitPro Options 5.5mm for body and sleeves, 6mm for collar
Modifications/Notes: I changed the back pattern so that the Banana Leaf pattern matched up with the ribbing. I added the Banana Leaf pattern to the sleeves as well. Other than that I made it as instructed.

I wouldn’t mind another one but just in plain stocking stitch and in a darker colour, but I’ll have to make some other things first I think!!

Now on to the next project and I think for now, I’ll stick to some small things.


9 thoughts on “FO: Starsky

  1. Ooh, that’s just right for snuggling in when it gets a bit chilly in the evenings, though hope your snow has finally disappeared now! It’s lovely; I want one!

  2. Lovely, lovely, know exactly what you mean about the big snuggly sweater seduction – don’t mention moths though (think I just spotted one on the carpet – eek)

  3. It looks great on you! I love this cardigan too, especially after seeing one in person last fall. I don’t know why I haven’t knit myself a big snuggly cardi, particularly as I’m sitting here wearing my boss’s wool argyle sweater! (office a/c is going full blast)

  4. Oh, that looks great. I really like it with the patterned sleeves, too. I know what you mean about big sweaters–I don’t even care that they make me look positively spherical because they’re just so cozy.

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