FO: Crochet Cushion Cover

Ollie's Cushion Cover

When Ollie and I first moved to Germany we found a lovely Turkish shop in the centre of Osnabrueck. We visit the shop whenever we pop into town and it’s fabulous finding hidden treasures on each of our visits. One of the treasures that we actually purchased was a floor cushion.

Ollie's Cushion Cover

Unfortunately, we’ve had it for a few years and it’s well used by Ollie and we’ve frayed some of the covering fabric. It’s been patched up and looks ok, but to save the poor thing from further abuse Ollie asked for a cover. Now I’m not huge of household-y projects and I remember saying Yes in one of my I’ll-do-it-at-some-point tones.

Ollie's Cushion Cover

We picked out some acrylic yarn that I know will be hardwearing and can also be just thrown into the wash. It was a lovely dark green and I knew it would sit in my stash for an age before I decided I really should make it up into the cover it was supposed to be.

Ollie's Cushion Cover

Thankfully it didn’t sit in my stash for that long. Just a few months and I finally started when I had a sudden urge to crochet. My crochet urge is still rampant and I’m glad to say I have finished the cover. Yippee!! The look on Ollie’s face when I covered the cushion and gave it to him was more than enough to make me grin and prance around like I’d won the lottery. *blushes*

Ollie's Cushion Cover

Yarn: Rellana Caprice in Green x 5, Schachenmayr Nomatta Bravo in Orange x 0.75, Lana Grossa Royal Tweed Green x 0.2 & Orange x 0.7
Pattern: Made up, but it’s just granny squares.
Hook: 4mm Grafton Fibres
Modifications/Notes: I made it up, but I used 4 balls of Caprice for the top and bottom granny squares and then the last ball and some left over Bravo for the granny squares between the top and bottom, but ran out of the orange, so I nabbed some Royal Tweed that Ollie was using for some weaving and finished off the squares and sewing up with these.

All in all, this really didn’t take that long to make and I’m glad Ollie is so pleased with it. šŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “FO: Crochet Cushion Cover

  1. it looks great!
    have you seen the designer specs on the Inside Crochet forum on Ravelry? I hope we see some more of your designs soon!

  2. Getting “the look” when you give himself a gift is priceless. šŸ˜€ My knitting hasn’t done that yet, but I once got a painting reframed that Mr B’s grandad had painted and it was much appreciated.

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