FO: Skew Socks

Skew Socks

When the Knitty surprises went up for the Winter 09 issue, I was instantly smitten with a pair of socks.. I love knitting socks, but for a good few months now, I haven’t really worked on any. When I saw the Skew socks I was intrigued straight away by the completely different and away-from-the-norm sock patterns that it went straight into my queue and I started planning on what yarn I could use to make them.

Skew Socks

I sat on my hands for a while, trying not to cast on and trying to finish the Urban Aran and then Audrey first and I seemed to be succeeding. Until the beginning of March. We had a lovely sunny day and it felt appropriate that with this lovely bit of weather, I should cast on another project, but still I held out a little. I’d been posting about the socks on the Phoenix Forum and the more I was reading about the KAL and thinking about the socks, the harder it became to resist the urge to cast on. It hit late evening and I couldn’t help myself anymore, so I cast on.

Skew Socks

Yarn: Rellana Flotte Socke Bambus Panda in 3005 Pinks
Pattern: Skew by Lana Holden on
Needles: 2.5mm Knit Picks Harmony circ
Modifications/Notes: I used 2.5mm needles because I couldn’t find my 2.25mm circ. Keeping that in mind, the socks are a little on the roomy side. When I make these again, I’ll use the right needles or do less repeats on the foot.

I’m hoping that they might shrink a little in the wash, but other than that, I am completely in love with these socks. I can see the being made a good number of times in my future!! 😀


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