FO: Urban Aran Cardigan

Urban Aran Cardigan

When I first saw this cardigan it was on brooklyntweed’s blog. I loved the changes he had made to the pullover pattern and loved the fact that it was a ladies jumper that could so easily be made to suit a man.. I showed it to Ollie and he was just as enthusiastic about having it made for him. He can carry cables and it was my first big cable project. So with great gusto I cast on for this and forged ahead with the back. At some point I had to put it down and concentrate on some other projects, but eventually I picked it back up again and finished a sleeve. Now at some point, I decided that the sleeve needed to be adjusted to fit a man and that the instructions for the extra large sleeve were going to work out just too short for Ollie. I finished the sleeve and was extremely pleased with myself for having thought ahead and adjusted accordingly, until I measured it against Ollie and found that it was TOO LONG! Grr. The whole project was put aside and abandoned for well over a year in complete disgust at my incompetence and the temerity of the sleeves at not following my well thought out knitting strategy.

Urban Aran Cardigan

Looking back on it, I think putting it down was probably the best thing I could’ve done. I love knitting and I believe that I can knit anything you put in front of me…. now. At the point where I cast on for the UAC, I was a pretty red-behind-the-ears knitter and I really hadn’t thought much about adapting the pattern to what I wanted to achieve. I knew at some point in the future I would have to think about converting the front panels so that it would work as a cardigan and adding a zip etc, but that was for later.
Having picked up the project again this year, I’ve found that the novice knitter me would have really struggled with all the changes that needed to be made with this pattern, while the current knitter me didn’t even have to think about it.

I ripped back the first sleeve to the suggested length in the pattern and commenced the sleeve cap shaping from there, wizzed through the second sleeve and then had a bit of a think about the fronts as Ollie had changed his mind and wanted BUTTONS not a zip… Tch, tch. After a bit of thinking (10 mins, I think), I decided that the fronts should be knit on smaller needles to accommodate button bands and then stretched when sewing up so that it all fit together. I counted the rows on the back and knit the fronts with the same figures and when it came to sewing up, the rows matched up just right. All this needs now is some funky buttons..

Yarn: Robin Aran with Wool in Brown
Pattern: Urban Aran by Patons
Needles:5mm for fronts, collar and button bands, 6mm for back and sleeves and 5.5mm for the ribbing on back and sleeves.
Notes/Modifications: Converted from pullover to cardigan. Added button bands instead of zip. Body worked as sze M and arm shaping for size XL. The sleeves are XL as well.


7 thoughts on “FO: Urban Aran Cardigan

  1. Oh this is an amazing sweater, I’m loving the cable detail on it. It looks very fashionable. I wish my other half would actually wear big jumpers, but he’s not a fan.

  2. Oh this is such a fabulous man cardi – it looks lovely on Ollie and I so pleased to hear the good outcome of leaving things to rest – every project has its day 🙂

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