FO: Lacey Red Cardigan

Vine Lace Cardigan

Yarn: Lana Grossa Lord in 003 (red) x 6.75 balls
Pattern: DROPS 113-17 Jacket with Raglan Sleeve and Pattern on Yoke Cardigan by DROPS design
Needles: 4mm, 4.5mm, & 5mm Knit Picks Options.
Notes/Modifcations: The ribbing was done on 4.5mm and the body on 5mm needles. I worked the decreases every inch instead of 3.75″. I worked this the way that I would normally work cardigan waist shaping. Decreased 4 times and then increased 2 for waist shaping. I wanted long sleeves so cast on 44 sts and increased till I had the right number of sts or something close.
Sleeve construction: K1, p1 ribbing for 9 rows. Increase either side of marker at 3.5”, 7”,10”, 13”, 16.5”. Knit till sleeve measures 18”. Total number of stitches is 54. Minus the 8 is 46. Plus number of body sts (137) gives me 229 sts total. So for yoke round set up, I decreased 9 evenly. Followed the yoke pattern up until the p3tog section and changed to seed stitch like many others. I ripped back the button bands and the neck ribbing as it just wasn’t sitting right and was looking a little big. Did the extra rows that I missed out for the Medium size and I also decreased in pattern once more so that it would fit better at the neck. Ribbing on 4mm, 8 rows of 1 x 1 rib and then cast off on 5mm.
8 button holes.

Vine Lace Cardigan

Looking through my wardrobe I found that most of my outfits were reverting back to the old black and a little shot here and there of some green and brown, but there seemed to be a lack of other colours, mainly red. When I saw the projects for the DROPS 113-17 lace yoke cardigan, they were stunning and the cardigan called out to me to be made. I hunted in my stash for a yarn that would work and I finally settled on the lovely red Lana Grossa Lord. I love it!

Vine Lace Cardigan

The project was actually quite a quick knit, but it was my button hunting skills that were a little off. I had the buttons in my stash, but for some reason, because I’d made the cardigan with 12 holes, I couldn’t see how I could make it work with the 10 buttons I had. D’oh. After leaving it in the knitting basket for a week or so, I suddenly realised that what I could do is rip back the button hole band and actually re-knit it with enough holes for the buttons I actually wanted to use. So that’s what I did, and as an added bonus I actually used only 8 of the buttons. Woohoo!

Vine Lace Cardigan

I’ve now moved onto another project that’s been sat in my UFO’s basket for the last 2.5 years. It’s the Urban Aran Cardigan that I started in March 2007 for Ollie and I’ve literally finished both sleeves, fronts, button bands and collar in the last couple of weeks. If only I’d picked it up sooner! Anyway, more on this one when I’ve finished.

Inbetween knitting cables and browsing the web, I came across helloyarns new WIP, the Hex Blanket, I so couldn’t resist starting my own.

Crochet Hex Afghan

I’m using Noro Kureyon that I got from Susetheslowknitta as a prize. I only had two skeins, so I decided that I’d make a start and then every time I make it to my LYS, I’d pick up a couple of skeins and keep this as a long term in progress project. Loving it so far!

And as a final picture, here is my Project 365 photo for today:


Hope you’re all having a productive weekend!! 😀


7 thoughts on “FO: Lacey Red Cardigan

  1. That cardigan is so cute, and the color is fantastic on you!

    How are you finding the noro knitting up? I’ve used Silverthaw, and found it to be a little itchy, which put me off of Noro for a while.

    Miss you. Will we get to see you for SOAR this year?

  2. I’m not getting the full redness of the cardi on my screen but it is a great pattern which I hadn’t seen before. Looks lovely on you. Beautiful work.

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