FO: Francis Revisited

My first finished project of 2010!!

Francis Revisited

I first saw this pattern a good few months ago and it immediately went onto my to-knit list… since then, I’ve been admiring all the new ones that I saw turning up on Ravelry and I even went out and bought the yarn for this. Unfortunately, for some reason or another, I only got to cast this on near the end of December..

But I am proud to introduce the latest addition to my wardrobe and one I can see myself wearing ALL THE TIME, this my friends, is Francis.

Francis Revisited

Yarn: Lana Grossa Baby Alpaca x 9
Pattern: Francis Revisited by Beth Silverstein
Needles: knit on Knit Picks Options 5.5mm. Cast off on 6.5mm. Cowl knit on 4.5mm and 6mm and cast off on 7mm
Modifications/Notes: My gauge was way off on this, but being comfortable with top down raglan, I just increased until I had enough stitches for the sleeves and then split and worked as set until I needed to decrease/increase for waist shaping. The ribbing is seed st ribbing using the following method:

rnd 1: k3 *[p1, k3] repeat from * till end of rnd
rnd 2: k1 *[p1, k3] repeat from *, end with p1, k1.

I worked that 6 times for hem and cuff and 5 for the cowl.

Francis Revisited

The cowl was worked on 4.5mm for 2.5″ and then I moved on to 6mm needles, knit 3 rounds and then increased, knit another 3 rounds and then increased again, knit in st st until it measured 5.75″ and then started the ribbing. Cast off using 7mm needles and it fits well. I actually frogged and changed needles for the cowl twice before settling with the final knit and I’m happy with it. My neck seems to be a lot shorter than everyone elses. I have a skein left of this yarn, so, I might actually reknit this and see if I can get it to be a bit more drapey by picking up more stitches… we’ll see how I feel after a few wears. I can see this being a staple jumper in my closet.. I loves it!!

Francis Revisited

Oh and I have a sewing first as well… Ollie bought me a sewing machine mid last year and even though I’ve had a play with it (filling bobbins and running scrap fabric through) I haven’t had teh courage to actually try and proper projects… Well, that hasn’t stopped me from buying fabric from our local haberdashery!

The other day, I made up my mind to at least have a go at something small and simple. I decided that my couch in my office needed some new cusion covers. This is what I made:

My First Sewing Project

It’s very easy and a fab first project. I thought I had a full picture, but I don’t, so this one will have to do for now!

The pattern can be found here. I love this cushion and even though it needs some buttons to close the gap, it works wonderfully well on my couch. šŸ™‚ I have enough of the same fabric to make another one and I’ll have enough left over for scraps.. My seams are rubbish though, so I really need to practice those.

Anyway, enough blathering.. hope you’re all having fun with your crafting.


7 thoughts on “FO: Francis Revisited

  1. Oh what a gorgeous jumper! It does look very snug and cosy, and you can’t beat a squishy cowl neck at this time of year. It does really suit you! You’re lucky to have a good figure to show off a gorgeous hand knit sweater šŸ™‚

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