Into the New Year

Project 365 05/01/10

1. Uma, 2. Snow, 3. Postcards, 4. Postbox

It’s amazing. We’re into 2010 and I have no idea where 2009 went. I remember sitting down at pretty much the same time last year writing a blog post about new year resolutions and how I don’t mke any etc etc etc and now we’re at that same point again.

Once again, this year, there are no resolutions. There are things on the list from last year that I still have to achieve, so as well as those, I have added some more things I want to achieve: 🙂

1. I want to spin some more. Most of last year was spent in a spinning despondency. I have a fair idea why and this year I just want to get back to it and carry on with gusto from where I left off.

2. I want to learn some new knitting techniques. I mastered toe-up socks last year, but putting in zips still needs to be tackled. As for steeking…. well we’ll see.

3. I want to design a lot more and this year send ideas off to more places for submission. I had one publication last year in a mag. I want to try and get more this year.
5. I want to read more this year. I’m not sure my average has gone up per month, but I love books and reading, so I’ll just carry on.

7. I want to knit more for other people. This is still a hard one for me… so more other-people-knitting.

8. I want to get through a substantial amount of my current stash without adding to it. Well, I knit up 12279.5yds/11228m as I said in my last post and I’m pretty happy with that. I did add more to my stash, so that needs working on and I made around 55 euros. Not a lot, but it’s an achievement. I want to keep adding to this, this year.

9. I have started Project 365 this year as well. (The first few pictures are above). I really want to move on with my photography and see how much more comfortable I can get with it. I’ll keep posting the pics here and also, you’ll see in the sidebar that I have a Flickr badge for the whole set.

10. I want to learn German this year. I’ve picked up bits and pieces and I even did a month intensive learning but I’m slacking and I need to really get into the swing of learning something everyday.

11. The house needs to be re-decorated and I am extremely naff at things like that. I don’t want to pick colour schemes etc and I think I may well go for white all over and maybe accent walls here and there. We have beams so I think the white will make it feel more country cottage and also it’ll bring in some light into the darker areas.

I think that’s a long enough list of wants so I’m going to stop there. There are a few key things in there that I really want to stick with. Let’s see how I get on!! 🙂

Happy New Year everyone!


7 thoughts on “Into the New Year

  1. Happy New Year, and good luck with your goals!! I’m doing project 365 as well, it’s surprising the amount of people I’ve seen recently who have started it. I love the picture of your dog – so cute!!!

  2. Happy new year Kai. All the very best in 2010. Those are great resolutions – I have tons of my own and hopefully I can achieve at least a few. The pics are awesome and I will have to follow you on Flickr.

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