Pretty in Pink…ish

I was trawling through Ravelry a few weeks ago and noticed one of my friends had favourited a lovely cardigan. I liked it so much I had to check it out for myself, and what I found was a modified Mrs Darcy. Even though the original cardi is a lovely knit, I kept feeling that it really wasn’t me at all. Being a bigger lady on top, I decided that there really should be more buttons and more coverage.

So I was very happy having followed the links, and finding the mods on Wakenda Knits blog and decided that I really liked her version to that of the original.

Mrs Darcy

Yarn: Suri Alpaca DK in Barrog from Middlearthknitter yarns x 3 (200yds each)
Pattern: Mrs Darcy by Mary Weaver
Needles: 4.5mm Knit Picks Harmony Circs
Notes/Mods: Using the knitting notes from [url=]Wakenda Knits[/url] blog, I made the body and buttons section longer. I had to change the sleeve lengths as I was running out of yarn and made them 3/4 length instead. Also, I was working at the same-ish gauge but cast on less stitches for the body as I wanted a 34/36 inch bust size. This worked out perfectly and I have a cardi that I absolutely love!

I love this version. I didn’t actually use the original pattern at all, so I really can’t comment much on it, but I love the modified version! I’m going to make this again in some DIC Classy that I have, but with the full sleeves.


10 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink…ish

  1. Oh I like this – the original is a darling pattern but like you I wasn’t too sure it would work for me – this looks like a nice adaptation, simple and stylish.

  2. I love it. 😀 I’ve seen that pattern pop up in quite a few queues and it would never fit me, either, in its original form. Not that the modified version would at the moment, either. 😉

    Is that the yarn we forced on you when you visited? If so, it must be a very snuggly cardi. *covets*

  3. Gorgeous! I love the mods. I like the original, but I haven’t made it because it looks like it might gape open. Now it seems a lot more make-able 🙂 Yours is a gorgeous colour!

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