Which Ewe Are You?

I’ve just taken this quiz to find out which ewe I am:

Which Ewe Are You?

This is what Clara Parkes (‘The Knitters Book of Wool’) has to say about this ewe:

“Their larger fiber diameter makes these wools slightly stronger than finewools yet still comfortably wearable. They like to be used in durab;e everyday sweaters as well as mittens, mitts, hats, socks and the like.”

Finns resilient nature makes them practical and straight-forward, a quality these mediumwools balance with curiosity and a zest for life. Fastidious in personal appearance and reliable. Finns stay true to their flock and make loyal friends.

Now that does sound like me! 🙂 Go on, find out what ewe you are!


4 thoughts on “Which Ewe Are You?

  1. Ok, I have to go and try that now. I love those kinds of things. Noticed in post above you are destashing. I need to go through my yarns as well…there is stuff there I will never use.

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