FO: Baktus Scarf


I first saw this pattern on The Plucky Knitters Group on Ravelry, where someone had used some gorgeous Plucky Knitter Merino/Cashmere/Nylon Fingering to make theirs and I couldn’t believe how such a simple pattern could showcase a yarn so gorgeously. I had to have one too.


Yarn: The Plucky Knitter MCN Fingering in Hey, Cupcake!
Pattern: Baktus Scarf by Strikkelise
Needles: 3mm Addi Circs
Modifications/Notes: The good thing about this pattern is that you can work it with any yarn of your choice. You just make sure you knit only half the skein and then switch to the decreases for the second half. It really is as simple as that. No mods.

The yarn had just happened to turn up just before I saw the pattern and I knew straight away that this was the pattern that I would use the yarn for, saying that, I ran out of yarn at the end, mainly because I didn’t believe I’d reached halfway.. ah well.. a bit of fudging and you can’t even tell! 🙂

Now I know that the weather has turned and that I really don’t need a scarf at the moment, but I reckon I’ll find a way to wear it some time soon! I’m definitely making more of these.

I’m hoping to swatch and cast on for this after seeing this. I like the idea of reverse st st and something quite streamlined. There is also this. This makes me feel all summery and bright, although admittedly, I won’t be making it in yellow!


10 thoughts on “FO: Baktus Scarf

  1. I love your baktus scarf. It’s one of my favourite patterns at the moment.

    And I have now queued Kaleidoscope, thanks to you!!! 😀 Reverse st st on the front of a sweater – it’s weird how I’d never even thought of that, but it would look really cool on a streamlined pattern like that.

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