Om Shanti

Om Shanti Bedsocks

Yarn: Chameleon Colourworks in Peppermint Cheer
Pattern: Om Shanti Bedsocks by Alice Yu
Needles: 2.75mm Knit Picks Harmony DPN’s
Modifications/Notes: No mods, but I did make the legs longer. New Techniques: Toe up, braid at cuff and EZ’s Sewn bind-off.

At the beginning of the year Alice at Socktopus reopened admission to her sockclub and as a treat, I decided it would be fun to join.

Om Shanti Bedsocks are the first pair and I finished them in no time at all!

Things that I learnt with these socks were how to work a toe-up sock using a provisional cast-on. This was pretty neat, I’ve been procrastinating learning how to do toe-up, mainly because I felt it would take way too much time and frustration to learn. These socks actually made it so much easier to do and I’m glad I did. I’ll definitely be using this technique again. The other thing that was new, but not something really new, was garter stitch heels and toes, that was fun and on these, it actually feels very comfy. I also learnt how to create a braid at the cuff on these socks and that was pretty neat and then the final was working out EZ’s Sewn bind-off. I’m not too sure on this one, I think I might learn to like it, but mine doesn’t to be all that stretchy, so I’m probably doing something wrong. Anyone got any tips on this?

I have a small ball left over of the yarn that I can use to make someting small. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Om Shanti

  1. Ooo, VERY nice. They look nicely cozy and squishy.

    As for the sewn bind-off, it’s possible that you might be doing it a little on the tight side–the first few times I did it, it didn’t stretch like it should, but I eased up on the tension and now it’s my preferred bind off.

  2. Oh they’re gorgeous, and the stuff you learnt looks really good – it’s those details that really make something special. Must do that pattern! I’ve never done toe up either – I like top down as the foot always goes quicker than the leg so you get the slower bit out the way first!

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