Birthday Spinning & Goodies

Spinning & Goodies

1. Wildcraft BFL Summer Heathlands, 2. Birthday Socks, 3. Oceanwind Knits Merino, 4. Spring Forward Socks

At the beginning of the week, I received some more Birthday goodies from Diane and they cheered me up endlessly. Working clockwise from the top right picture, you can see that I received a pair of lovely socks that Diane designed herself.. they’re yummy and cosy btw! And also some lovely Merino fibre from Oceanwind Knits.. I’ve been covetting some of this since seeing Diane’s stash being spun up… gorgeous and it’s all mine!

With the arrival of this birthday package, I couldn’t help myself and decided that I really desparately wanted to spin up some of my other Birthday fibre from Kate. That’s the main picture above.

Fibre: Wildcraft BFL in Shades of Summer Heathlands
Type: Navajo Plied Sportweight (12wpi)
Length: Skein 1 – 68yds/62m Skein 2 – 92yds/84m
Weight: 100g

This has turned out completely squishy and soft and I love the long colour repeats. Can’t wait to find a project for this. This was actually only my second time using Navajo plying and I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. Admittedly, it eats up your yarn in huge quantities, but I do like the trade-off of having single colour repeats.

The last picture is of some actual knitting. Woohoo! My mojo is still a bit off and I’m really trying to get back into it, so for the moment, simple socks it is. The pattern is Spring Forward Socks from

They’re flying off the needles, when I actually sit down and knit on them.

The Gathering Intentions Pullover only has the front left to knit and then it’s the sewing up. Hopefully I’ll have that finished before the end of the month.

So, here’s wishing in a new month and hopefully Spring too! Hope your knitting mojo is still with you…


11 thoughts on “Birthday Spinning & Goodies

  1. Ooh, your yarn is absolutely gorgeous. Love the pinks & greens & golds, and it’s spun so nicely!

    Spring Forward socks look preeeeeeetty, too.

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