A special day..

Yesterday was my birthday. Now I know I’m not supposed to get so excited about a birthday, but I can’t help myself. It’s just one of those things! 🙂 Here’s what we got up to.

There wasn’t really that much planned for the actual day, but I did start off the day before by getting my hair cut.. It feels fabulous. It’s not a new look for me, but I love getting my hair cut, makes me feel all shiny and new!

Birthday Flowers

Yesterday started with flowers from Ollie. Beautiful. 🙂 The postie delivered a card from my family and a lovely package from Kate, but as we were rushing out the door, I decided to leave it all for when I got back.. something lovely to come back to. 🙂 I wasn’t wrong, but more of that in a few minutes.

We went into town to try and sort out a language course for me, but unfortunately the guy we were meeting turned out to be unpleasant and rude and we’ve decided I’d be better off going somewhere else.. anyway, that was the nastiness of the day over. We went to the LYS and as a bonus pressie, Ollie bought me the following.. yummy, yummy!

Birthday Goodies

Working clockwise, I picked up some Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn, Rowan Harris Chunky, a skein of Colinette Iona and some fab Cashmere Premuim by Lang Yarns. This last, I got at half price because it was a lone ball… it’s gorgeous!!!

On returning home, I opened my parcel from Kate and found some lovely BFL top from Wildcraft in Shades of Summer Heathlands and some Tussah Silk in Precious from The Natural Dye Studio!! Thanks Kate.. you’re a babe! 😀

Gift from Kate

Ollie cooked and we spent the evening drinking and being silly. It turned out to be the perfect day all in all. 🙂 Would you believe, it was a really sunny day and it only snowed once! Woohoo!

Woodland Walk

As a catch-up, piccies of our walk in the woods a few days ago.

And a few extras.

More Goodies

There’s some Polwarth handspun from Diane and some ShiBuiKnits sock yarn as well that she sent over, just because she could. Also, a Flower Power Elephant [ravelry link] that I finished a week or so ago. The pattern is by Ala.

I think that covers everything.. I hope everyone had a fab day too!


17 thoughts on “A special day..

  1. I think you’re entitled to get excited about any day and birthdays most of all :o)

    Glad you had a lovely time – all that beautiful yarn and fibre is making me giddy.

    Love the new blog look too

  2. Happy Birthday Kai! Sorry my wishes are a bit late! Looks like you had a fabulous birthday…and the flowers from Ollie are gorgeous! You’ve received some lovely gifts…and of course, you deserve every one!

  3. What do you mean you shouldn’t get excited? Nothing wrong with that. =D

    Gorgeous flowers, yarn, and fibre.

    Your dogs are precious.

    Happy Birthday!

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