…spinning. 😀

I’d been madly spinning trying to get stuff finished for Christmas, so when I got back after the hoildays, I felt all spun out.. a bit like on the knitting front.  Everything just took a backseat.

But.. last week sometime, the spinning bug hit me again.  I was wandering through my craft room, trying to tidy up bits and pieces when I spied a bag under my desk… and I, could just see some braids of fibre.  When I pulled the bag out, I found that it was most of the fibre that I’d bought at SOAR, so I plunged my hand in and out came a braid from Lambspun.  So I started spinning and this is what I made:

Lambspun Fireside

Fibre: Lambspun Merino/Silk/Cashmere in colour Fireside
Type: 2 ply DK (11wpi)
Length: 208yds/190m
Weight: 4oz

It’s probably my fattest tried for yarn to date. I actually conciously tried to spin something other than lace and I got it! 🙂

It’s yummy and soft and I whacked it quite a bit after it’s hot/cold/hot bath. It fluffed up so much… I need to find a project for it soon I think.

Then there was some plying… actually if I remember correctly, the plying actually happened before the spinning above.. ah well.. Anyway, I plied the Cashmere/Silk from Red Stone Yarns that I had on the Bosworth Spindle:

Cashmere/Silk Handspun

Fibre: Cashmere/Silk from Red Stone Yarns in colour Sage
Type: 2 ply Light Fingering (16wpi)
Length: 81yds/74m
Weight: 12g

This was just a sample, but I am so enamoured with it that I can’t wait to buy some of Chendra to spin up. Yummy.

That’s two off of the ‘want-to-do’ list.. but I think some pure cashmere is going onto the spindle next.

Hopefully, now that I have my spinning mojo back, the knitting mojo won’t be too far behind! And, with that in mind, I was extremely pleased with this months The Plucky Knitter Club offering:

TPK Nicholas & Alexandra

Yarn: The Plucky Knitter Merino/Cashmere/Nylon Fingering weight in colouway Nicholas & Alexandra

Now to pick a project for it…… 🙂


16 thoughts on “Mmmmm….

  1. Ooooh Kai I lovelovelove your spinning! I wish I could find my spinning mojo, it’s disappeared as I think I’m uninspired by my fibre that I’m using at the mo, even though it is lovely. Love the sock yarn 🙂

  2. What beautiful results from your spinning frenzy. I am so impressed. I love that first yarn, I can see a really nice toque out of that. I can’t get over how far you have come in your spinning. I remember a ways back in your blog when you started spinning!

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