Well it’s ll the beginning of 2009 and I’ve finally put 2008 to bed.  All the Christmas gifts were completed on time and arrived at their destinations and as far as I can tell, were appreciated. 🙂

The only remnant I have of 2008 is the cold I came back from England with.  My siblings have all had it and obviously, the bug was very happy to infect a new and as yet untouched host.  Me.  Thankfully, I’m nearly over it.

And to celebrate, here is the first FO of 2009:

Mystery Sock

Yarn: Araucania Multi in pinks
Pattern: The Mystery Sock KAL from The Yarnarian
Needles: 2.5mm Knit Picks Harmony Circ
Modifications/Notes: No modifications, there was enough decision making to go through with the sock pattern anyway. As for notes, there’s none of those either. The pattern is great and the charts are fab.

I enjoyed making these and if it hadn’t been for Christmas knitting, I would have finished these sooner. The pattern does actually show in this variegated yarn, it’s just my camera that couldn’t pick it out. That’s what you get for trying to take pictures when it’s dark and you have to use the flash!

Other than that, my knitting mojo seems to have kind of faltered a little. There are so many things that I want to knit, but I can’t seem to pick anything out that I want to knit right this very minute… so I’m finishing off a pair of plain stockinette stitch socks for Ollie.

Now I know lots of bloggers have been thinking forward and making resolutions, but I’m hopeless at that kind of stuff… I have a list of things that I would like to try so maybe I should list those:

1. I want to spin some more, but with fibres that I haven’t tried yet. Like cashmere, which I have in my stash and just stare longingly at. And soysilk, which is the same. With this, I should add that I want to spin on spindles some more. Lots more.

2. I want to learn some new knitting techniques, like toe-up socks and the sherman heel and maybe even putting in zips… eek. Oh and there’s steeking…. eek eek!

3. I want to design a lot more and this year send ideas off to more places for submission.

4. I want to crochet lots more this year I think. I’ve let it fall by the wayside and that’s not good.

5. I want to get back into replying to my lovely readers who take the time to post comments and I always mean to reply, but just never get around to. I promise to do better this year.

6. I want to read more this year as well. I used to read around 5 books a month and this has decreased in recent years to around 2 a month… I really need to pick this back up. I have such a long, long list of books I want to read. I may not get to 5 again, but I don’t want my average to sit at 2.

7. I want to knit more for other people. I’m one of those knitters that is pretty selfish. I knit a lot for myself. So I want to try and find a balance this year and knit equal amounts for myself and others.

8. I want to get through a substantial amount of my current stash without adding to it. Now I know this is not possible in those terms, so the idea will be to give myself a euro for every skein that I do use that’s in my stash. And it has to be a full skein. If I finish half a skein, it’s 50 cents. Any less and I get nothing. That way, I’m kind of saving too… and with the money I collect I can buy whatever I like. But only from that money.

9. I want another wheel. I have been eyeing up the Schacht Matchless and having spun on a friends at SOAR, I am convinced it’s the stay-at-home wheel for me. I will be saving my ‘yarn money’ from above for this.

10. I want to save for this years SOAR. This is not going to be cheap and I want to pay for it myself, so any money I get for designing/teaching/selling my services (ahem – I mean advice service at the LYS) will go towards this.

I think that’s a pretty good list and I’m sure there’s some other stuff that I want to do this year, but for the moment, let’s see if any of the above is possible!


17 thoughts on “Beginnings..

  1. What a great pair of socks to kick off the year with. Good luck with all your plans – fun fun fun – and good luck with getting rid of the stinky cold. Happy Knitty New Year :o)

  2. Those socks are lovely!

    Great resolutions. I destashed quite a bit to save up for a wheel, and I found it a little surprising that I didn’t miss the yarns once they were gone.

    It’s totally understandable to not get around to replying to comments. They come in, they get read and squeaked over, then it’s okay I have to reply to those, but later… and later… and later… and then it’s been a month and it’s too late to reply. =D Been there.

  3. I found that my reading dwindled badly as spinning and the rest took over. Audiobooks in general and Audible in particular have helped no end – I can do both things at once!

    Very nice socks!

  4. Those are lovely! I hope your cold goes away soon. :p

    I too have been off on the knitting mojo – I suspect it’s a knitterly time-of-year thing. The holidays zap you bad, and then you have to wait a bit until the bug comes back and bites ya!

  5. I would love to see you again in Oregon at SOAR…..

    Oh, and btw, spin the cashmere woolen….and whack/shock it/ full it when your done to make it bloom….Judith MM does….

  6. Two books a month still impresses me! I’ve just got through three in a fortnight, but you can bet that I won’t pick up another for months now. 🙂

    I think most people’s knitting mojo suffers post-Christmas. I hate this time of year anyway and every year I know it’s going to affect me and I should really plan something nice, but I never do. 🙂

  7. I think no.1 is stretching it a bit. You should just send the cashmere to me instead. But I’m all for no.7 – very happy to help out in fact 😀

    Love the socks too 🙂

  8. nice to have you back :o)

    Love the socks… I’m rubbish at ‘resolutions’ too so I think you’re list of what you’d like to do is more sensible….. I’d like to have tried a Matchless but only 1 place in the UK and it would make getting bits expensive…

  9. Lovely socks and so great to have a finished project already. I did some socks as well, really simple simple ones and I did finish a quilt. I know, totally away from the knitting front but I wanted to try it. I have two races to train for in the next four months so we will see how much time I will have to finish other things. Happy new year and I hope you have the most wonderful moments in 2009.

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