.. to all my readers for the disruption in service. :(  The ISP is having some difficulties, with me specifically, and cut me off by accident.  All should be sorted now, fingers crossed.  But if you notice the blog has disappeared again, then please bear with me.  I am trying to sort it. 🙂

Hope you’re all well…

AllSpunUp Merino/Silk Skein

Fibre: AllSpunUp Merino Silk in lovely dark shades of purple/brown/gold
Type: 2 ply fingering (16wpi)
Length:  438yds/401m
Weight: 4.3oz

As a plus, I’ve finished some spinning (woohoo!)  and as another plus, I have warm hands as well. 🙂


Yarn: Regia 4ply in cream & Rellana Flotte Sock Bambus Panda in pinks
Pattern: Meg from Diane Mulholland
Needles: 3mm Knit Picks Harmony Circular
Modifications: None

These have turned out a little small due to my yarn choices, so they’re now going to be for me!! (I have small hands!) All I can say is that the pattern is absolutely fantastic. And as always, this is more thanm just a pattern. There are instructions on how to spin your own yarn for the mittens and how to dye the yarn in different complementary colours to make some beautiful mitts. I wore mine last night to our Knitting Club and the ladies there loved them! 🙂

Now I’d better get back to making those Christmas presents!


11 thoughts on “Apologies..

  1. Sorry to hear about the ISP issues. UGH! What a hassle!

    Your handspun looks so yummy! I love the colors! With the fiber content, I’ll bet it feels wonderful.

  2. The allspunup yarn looks beautiful I’m always surprised how the very dark ones turn out…..

    Mittens are lovely I’m going to knit myself a pair after Christmas knitting ceases….

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