Winter is here…

.. and with it comes the need to knit some nice woolies.  Either to create layers, or keep your cute toes and sexy hands nice and toasty!!

With that in mind, go take a look at The Inside Loop. The winter issue has just been published and if you don’t find something you want to knit from it, I’ll be very surprised!!

As before, I have two patterns in this issue…


Armenius A simple men’s jumper with celtic knots added to give it a bit of pizazz!


Tamarai which was actually my first ever attempt at designing and was pinched straight away by my sister, who’s modelling the kaftan.

Go take a look and let me know what you think!!! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Winter is here…

  1. Both jumpers look amazing! I tend to stick to knitting baby clothes, as it’s so much quicker, but I think you’ve inspired me to attempt something for myself!

  2. You know I think they’re both gorgeous. 😀 I might be on to you for some resizing tips for the manly sweater as it’s just not “manly” enough for MrB. 😉 It is, however, just the sort of shape he’d wear.

  3. Congratulations! A really inspired mens pattern. Enough to keep you the knitter interested and, subtle enough to keep him happy. Congrats to you OH on his debut as a knitwear model 🙂

    Love the kaftan too.

  4. Here I am, back almost in circulation from the netherworld of nappies and night feeds, and able to find time to knit something bigger than a baby sock!

    That tunic is just exactly the shape I’ve been looking for…I was even considering trying to design something that shape myself, but I’m glad you did it, my bran no longer counts well…;o)

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