Remembering Summer

and welcoming in Autumn.  Of course I’m talking about my latest wheel spinning expoits!

This is the Remembering Summer part… I have just washed and whacked the Apple Blossom Superwash BFL that I bought a while ago from Wildcraft

Wildcraft Apple Blossom 3ply

Fibre: Wildcraft Superwash BFL Top in Apple Blossom
Type: 3 ply fingering (16wpi)
Length: 236yds/216m
Weight: 100g

I actually plied this at SOAR, but have been extremely lax in actually setting the yarn. But it’s really fluffed up nice and lovely… I have to think of a project for it now…

And this is the welcoming Autumn.  This is what I’m working on at the moment on the wheel:


This is some Merino Silk from AllSpunUp. It’s gorgeous stuff to work with and the colours are absolutely stunning. It’s going to be a 2 ply and hopefully a little heavier than what I normally spin… we’ll see. 🙂

On the spindles I have the following:


Some Cashmere/Silk in Sage from Red Stone Yarns It’s gorgeous stuff to work with and I’m really enjoying spinning on a spindle! The spindle is my little Bosworth that Diane bought me a while back.

Also from Red Stone Yarns is some Merino/Silk/Angelina in Malachite:


This is an old picture and because I’m a bad blogger, I haven’t taken any new ones.. sorry. 😦

It’s being spun on my Wildcraft Walnut spindle and is turning out beautifully.

I have a bit of a dilemma about both of these now. I only have a sample of the Sage and will probably continue spinning it all on to the Bosworth and then Andean ply it, unless someone can come up with a better suggestion. As for the Malachite, it’s 1.5oz I’ve split the batt in two. Now, do I wind off the cop from the spindle into a centre pull ball and then spin up the rest of it and do the same, so I have two balls and then ply from that, or do I pull off the cop, spin the second lot and pull that off and then wind the two together into a ball and then ply it? I’m just hunting for ideas at the moment as spinning on a spindle and plying is a completely new prospect for me! Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Right, I’m off to do more spinning and maybe even start planning what Christmas pressies I need to be working on… eek.


19 thoughts on “Remembering Summer

  1. I love your spun wildcraft yarn. I have lost my spinning attempts to learn and need to practice more. Sorry, no idea on the spindle spun yarns!

  2. Oh, wow. That first handspun is completely and utterly gorgeous.

    The rest is beautiful too! But the first photo… mmmmm. Autumn apples.

  3. *Faints* That Sage is gorgeous. You know I nearly bought that colour – well, I did buy it but I exchanged it for the dark blue cause I bought some other green. It looks lovely spun up!

  4. First – don’t feel badly about your yarn waiting for its twist to be set – I have SEVEN skeins of yarn piled up waiting for their bath!

    Did you take Abby’s maximizing spindle productivity retreat session? Your second option sounds like what she showed in class. You should do it – and take lots of pictures, because I think I need to see it again for it to gel in my brain.

    Lastly – stop enabling me! Gorgeous fiber. Drool.

  5. I love the Apple Blossom 3ply you plied up at SOAR… I ahve some from All Spun Up but haven’t tried it yet but it looks lovely and squishy…

    Still haven’t got to grips with spindle spinning yet …

  6. Love your photos Kai, and your yarns look gorgeous! I usually wind my spindled singles off onto centre-pull balls, then for plying I rewind two singles together tightly over a polystyrene ball. All the rewinding takes a bit longer, but it results in less tangling, and when you ply you only have to think about putting plying twist in.

  7. Lovely apple blossom yarn. I really love Wildcraft’s colour combinations!

    I’m totally in lust with your cashmere silk. I tried to stroke it through the screen :-/

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