I'm off to..

S.O.A.R. tomorrow!!!  That’s the Spin-Off Autumn Retreat for those that have not heard of it.  For a new spinner this is such a massive treat.  But it’s also very scary.

I’ve been spinning since the beginning of the year and even though I’m learning something new with every new spin, I’m still a beginner.  Meeting all of these lovely spinners and knowing that they know SO MUCH more than I do is really very intimidating.  I would hate to make a complete fool out of myself.  I wish I knew more.

Mind you, this is no reflection on them.  They’ve all been lovely in the communications that I’ve had with them.  It’s just me.  I’m really, really scared and want to make a really good impression!

Anyway.  This was just supposed to be a quick post letting you know that I’m away from tomorrow for a whole week and should be back to blogging sometime the week after…. Hopefully!

Better finish packing.. 🙂


8 thoughts on “I'm off to..

  1. Have a lovely time and don’t fret. By next year you will know that much more and actually….to be fair….by the end of next week after your retreat…you will definitely know more.

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