I can now reveal that the ‘couple of things’ that I have in the 3rd issue of The Inside Loop are an article on my spinning adventures and a pattern called Candle Flame Stockings πŸ˜€


Please leave some feedback on both, here and on the Loop blog. I would really love to hear from you with any questions/opinions/likes/dislikes etc.


15 thoughts on “Revelations..

  1. I like your legs. πŸ˜€

    I dislike the fact that I will look like a fairy elephant in those stockings at the moment. *takes up running*

  2. Sooo pretty – I don’t have the legs for them really but I’ll make them anyway I’m sure :o) The ribbon ties are a great idea, practical and pretty.

  3. The socks are so supercute… I wish i could design something like that. They are girly!!!! And I love girly socks. The whole publication is really good; I think the designs are so original. I have tried leaving a comment before on these but I have had like the week from hell and everytime I started writing something my phone would ring … I finally get to read all the blogs this weekend. Hugs.

  4. lovely socks ideal for ladies/girls in their teens or very early 20’s, with a pair of flat shoes.

    visiting your blog via raining sheep’s blog.

    Gill from Canada

  5. Verrrrrry pretty, and the ribbons are a fabulous touch. I like that they have proper calf shaping, instead of the four-stitch decreases in some other patterns that are obviously designed for stick figures. =D

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