A long time coming..

This post, that is! 🙂

I’ve been busy, busy, busy and I’ve also been very naughty.

This is the latest in the spinning escapades:


Fibre: 100% BFL from The Yarn Wench
Type: 3 ply Laceweight (18 wpi)
Length: 388 yards/355 metres
Weight: 106g

Then there was the little skein made up from the leftover on the 2 bobbins:


Fibre: 100% BFL from The Yarn Wench
Type: 2 ply Laceweight (20 wpi)
Length: 80 yards/73 metres
Weight: 15g

That was the busy part. Now for the naughty part:


Shetland in Ebb Pool, Superwash BFL in Blossom & BFL in Lichens, all from Wildcraft And as an extra, Karen sent me a batt called ‘Fire’, made from one one of her own sheep, Buffy:


Gorgeous, isn’t it? 😀 Go check out the site, Karen has some lovely stuff in the shop.

And there’s been more naughtiness:


ShiBui Knits (Mulberry) from Joy who was having a de-stash.


These are ‘Froggy’, ‘Lava’, ‘Decadent’, & ‘Truffle’ all from Sunshine Yarns. They’re all Sock Yarns. Gorgeous! 🙂 I have plenty in my stash now. I really need to do more knitting, and less buying.

BTW, there has been some knitting, honest! I saw The February Lady Sweater and even though I knew I had too many WIPs already, I have cast on for this:


I’ve found a really cool way of making buttonholes! It’s ace. I’m using some Rowan All Seasons Cotton that’s been in my stash for ages. I feel all virtuous! 🙂


16 thoughts on “A long time coming..

  1. That’s quite some stash enhancement there! Good to see that the lichens roving arrived safely. Love that Yarn Wench yarn, the three-ply’s especially gorgeous, it’s made the colours look beautifully heathered. And now I’m off to look at Sunshine Yarns, so much for the yarn diet! 🙂

  2. lovely yarn and I can’t believe the colour change from roving to yarn… I wouldn’t have looked twice at the roving but it’s made a beautiful yarn….

    You certainly have been naughty with the purchasing, but then that’s every girls right ;o) it has to be done…. The fibres look great I will go check out the store…

  3. Oh my oh my oh my….yarn heaven…ShiBui, I LOVE ShiBui it’s like my favorite yarn in the world, well one of my favorites. I am dying to see something knit up from your own spinning…hope that we will see some pictures soon. Some women do the shoe thing….others…myself included….do the yarn accumulation thing!

  4. Plenty of sites for me to browse there! I got so engrossed I forgot I was supposed to be reading your blog!!!
    I love the colours of the roving and all the yarns. I also like the february cardi. i’ve just got the pattern thanks!

  5. Oh, yeah! I do love a good dose of yarn porn! Your spinning looks fantastic—really even.

    Drooling over the colours of the Lichen BFL. And ShiBui? One of my fave yarns to knit with.

  6. Dude. Awesome stuff. I’m glad you finally got some Shibui!

    Also, and jealous of your 3-ply-fu. Must train harder! *goes to lift weights*

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