Sock Yarn and Laceweight

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for quite a few days now, but the sun has been out to play and my motivation to move inside, away from it has been minimal. Actually, it’s still sunny and I’m still outside, and I’ve remembered I have wireless and can actually be anywhere in/out of the house. So the garden it is! 🙂

Back on track. I have finished spinning up my first lot of yarn on the new Sonata.

The first is laceweight:


Fibre: 100% Australian Merino
Type: Laceweight (24 wpi)
Length: 294 yards
Weight Just over 50g

These next two are sock yarn. The laceweight was a product of what was left over once I’d finished the first of the 3 bobbins I’d spun up:


Fibre: 100% Australian Merino
Type: 3 ply Sock Yarn (14 wpi)
Length: 480 yards
Weight 160g


Fibre: 100% Australian Merino
Type: 3 ply Sock Yarn (15 wpi)
Length: 534 yards
Weight 150g

My spinning is definitely more even on the Sonata and I seem to be spinning quite a bit faster too. Or that could be because the bobbins are smaller than the Henkys.

I used the Henkys to ply and that seems to work well.

On a spinnning related note, I knew Diane was going to Wonder Wool Wales a few weeks back so I asked her to pick up a spindle for me to spin some luxury fibres, like silk and soy silk etc. This is what she got me:


It’s a Bosworth spindle – Paduak and it’s simply gorgeous. I have only petted it so far. But it has prompted me to start spinning on the is really not fun and is quite rough, so I’m going to swap it out soon. I want to practice before having a go with the soy silk on this lovely little thing. Thanks Diane!! 🙂

Currently on the wheel is the Heart-Throb from The Yarn Wench. Pictures when I actually have something to show.


13 thoughts on “Sock Yarn and Laceweight

  1. Your spinning is goegous! I must say I have a big soft spot for the sheen of merino. It’s one of my favourite yarn.

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of spinning! It looks lovely, that grey is really pretty. I’ll bet it’ll knit up beautifully. Interesting to learn you have a Sonata wheel, I’ve been thinking of getting one for a while, they look so handy and portable.

  3. Kai, your spinning is going so well. I absolutely LOVE the color on that yarn – grey is one of my all time favorites. With the right pattern, the lace weight will look like a delicate spider web.

  4. The spinning is looking great, told you you’d get there ;o) a wheel you’re happy and comfortable with does make a huge difference… My friend just got a Sonata she loves it but I felt like my knees were under my chin so I wouldn’t swap my Rose ;o)

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