Featured Patterns…

We now have the second publication of The Inside Loop and in this Summer issue you will find two of my patterns! 😀

I’m really pleased that both Kate and Diane decided to feature my camisole, I only finished writing that up just before the leaving on holiday. As for the stole, my first venture into designing using crochet and I have to admit, I’m rather chuffed with this one.


I hope you all like the patterns, not just mine. Go on, you know you want to wander over and start swatching for those gorgeous patterns!

I’ve already bookmarked them all. Traeth, Storm, Clover and Wild Strawberries, and Ondine are a definite must-knit!


10 thoughts on “Featured Patterns…

  1. At the speed I knit, I won’t be able to wear the camisole for the summer, but I’m hoping to knit one in time for the winter to wear over the top of a blouse. 😀 They’re lovely designs.

  2. These are really lovely. I especially like the closer knit mesh stitch on the back of Apple Blossoms. It is a clever and interesting counterpoint to the more open blossom pattern of the ends of the stole. Cockleshells is a lovely design too. The color choice is excellent for you.

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