Spinning on the Sonata

I’ve been raving about my new wheel to a few on-line friends that I have and I came to the conclusion while spinning on the Sonata that it is a he. Most of my gadgets are he’s, but I was wondering whether my second wheel would actually be a she. It’s not, it’s a he. We still need to settle on a suitable name, but I’m sure we’ll agree on one soon. We seem to agree on most everything else!

Have I mentioned how I love my new wheel? Well, I do. Really. 🙂

Spinning on the Sonata is a dream. I know I fall into the category of spinners who believe that spinning thin is a great achievement. Well with the Sonata, I am spinning my thinnest.


And for comparison, with a euro cent:


I believe I can actually go thinner than that, but for a first spin on my new wheel, I am very, very happy! I feel like I can tackle any fibre with this wheel.

The fibre there is Merino Superwash, and I have enough to be able to actually 3 ply this, so I’ll spin up another couple of bobbins and then using the lazy-kate I bought a while ago, I shall do a normal 3 ply, not Navajo ply. This will be my first attempt at 3 ply this way, so that should be fun. I’m hoping it will work out to be fingering weight, so that I can make a sock yanr out of it. I might even over-dye it, but let’s get the other bobbins full first! 🙂


14 thoughts on “Spinning on the Sonata

  1. Wow. Just wow. * gasps * I remember last summer when we both had a go of a drop spindle for the first time and now look at you! I’m almost tempted to start spinning myself… but not quite. 🙂

  2. Wow, so beautiful!
    I hope to be able to do that someday too, I would love to have a wheel. It all seems so mystical and fantastic to wheel-less me. Great job!

  3. Kai that looks wonderful…and it really is thin!! That is too funny that you give your spinning wheels a name…you should have a name-the-spinning wheel contest 🙂

  4. Next time I’m accused of having too much fibery gubbins about I shall tell my OH about my online friend who’s acquired two wheels in under a year 😉

    It’ll be laceweight next!

    Spin Off Mag (I did see Diane’s Article 🙂 is great…I so need a Danish Shawl for festival warmth giving. I just have to find baby free time to spin and knit!

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