I have been very naughty and bought myself some more gorgeous fibre from The Yarn Wench. Mind you this was a purchase at the end of February. The package seems to have gotten sidetracked at customs and turned up here yesterday.

Anyway, the contents:


4.4oz Falkland in colourway Majik


3.7oz Falkland in colourway Mahogany Peacock


4.1oz BFL in colourway Wild Berry


4.1oz Falkland in colourway Neptune

I am raring to get started on these!

I do have a question for all you spinners though, I have some Alpaca fleece that was sent to me by a lovely alpaca farmer in the UK. I’ve tried spinning in straight away and it’s ok, but I’m wondering if I should be washing it and carding it etc and if so, what should I be doing?

This will be my first time with a fleece and I want to send some of it back to the alpaca farmer, once I’ve done some decent spinning…



10 thoughts on “Fibre!

  1. Maybe by the time I get back from holidays, all that beautiful fiber, or at least some of that beautiful fiber will be some awesome yarn. Gorgeous colors, can’t wait to see them all spun up.

  2. Love your fibre haul… I’ve sat on my hands for the last two updates as I haven’t done any spinning in 6 weeks due to the necessity to knit Alpine for 17th April but can’t wait to get back to my wheel….

    Although I’m not a pink person I do like Majik very much…. I do like The Yarn Wench’s fibre….

    Sorry can’t help you with the Alpaca question… Have you tried posting on Ravelry?

  3. The colorways are absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to see what they look like all spun up.

    It’s fine to spin the alpaca straight away…though it can be a bit on the dirty side. I have some and I’m planning to wash it first as I’m not fond of the dusty feel when it’s spun before washing.

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