FO: Hemlock Ring Blanket


Yarn: Cascade Ecological Wool in shade 8087 x 2
Pattern: Hemlock Ring Doily converted to banket with extended chart detailed on brooklyntweed
Needles: 6mm Knitpicks and 6mm Denise Interchangeables.

I loved this project. It started off so simply and just grew. I had a couple of points further in where I missed stitches, but those were rectified with a little tinking. The chart itself is very easy to read and once I started reading both the instructions and the chart, I found that I no longer needed the written instructions and worked exclusively from the chart. There was a moment of crisis when I realised that I didn’t have anough yarn to cast off, but that was easily resolved once again by tinking back and just omitting the last knit round before binding off.


I will probably make this again at some point. For the moment, using it as a lap blanket on the rocking chair is going to be lovely! Of course there will be knitting involved, while rocking. 🙂



9 thoughts on “FO: Hemlock Ring Blanket

  1. That’s lovely! I love browns for blankets, it’s so comforting and relaxing, and the design is super.

    We seem to have much the same taste in colours, though you may disagree when you see the mad scarf I made yesterday….;)

  2. Another fab hemlock and I think I like it better in the darker colours too. I still haven’t cast on for this despite saying I will for months, I think I’d have done it already if I didn’t think I’d lose it to the cats as soon as it was blocking! 😀

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