Awards and Fibre

My thanks to Moggle for the following award:

MakeMyDay.jpg I think this is very sweet and it most definitely made my day! 🙂

I think you’re supposed to award 5 other people whose blogs make your day. I have so many blogs that I love to read, that it’s really difficult to pick any. So, I’m going to award this to all the blogs that I read, listed in my sidebar! 🙂

The following is to please Diane as she’s been on at me for not sharing any spinning with you:


See, I told you I’d been spinning!!! :p

It’s not even, but I like it.. 🙂

This is actually the second bobbin that I’m working on, and I’ll ply the two bobbins together once I’ve finished this one. The good thing is that I feel more comfortable with my spinning and it’s getting thinner. The bad thing is that filling a bobbin takes longer than before!!! But it’s only a small thing and I prefer the fact that it’s taking longer. It means that I’m getting more out of my fibre.


8 thoughts on “Awards and Fibre

  1. That is seriously impressive Kai. I have had a spinning wheel, on loan from a friend, and just cannot get the hang of it at all, I would love to be able to produce something even close to being as beautiful as yours!

  2. Oh, that’s lovely spinning! Very nice. You seem to be getting the hang of this rather quickly. 🙂

    And the fibre from the Yarn Wench is gorgeous. I know what you mean about holding off on it until you feel confident, though. Good luck–I think you’ll be there very very soon!

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