This is the current state of the Tangled Yoke:


I’m loving this project. When reading through the instructions, it’s a little intimidating. But actually doing it and following it through, you can see that it all fits into place and how. I’ve made a few modifications, in term of the size that I’m making and the number of stitches used for the sleeves and the increases etc.

It seems to be ok so far. I have the yoke, cable pattern and the the collar and button bands to finish and also pick out some suitable buttons. That’s going to be the hardest part. I am hopeless with buttons.

And this was the sun setting yesterday from our back yard. 🙂 One without the flash:


Apologies for the blurry-ness.. it was darned cold out there and holding the camera still and not shivering were just not happening together!

and one with the flash:



3 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Did I mention that I love the colour you’re using?! 🙂 And you’re so very fast. Please send me whatever it is you’re eating to make you so speedy!

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