WIP: Tangled Yoke

Well, I couldn’t resist! I’ve been knitting, but it doesn’t feel like I have anything that is actually ‘mine’. Not sure that makes sense, but hey, it’s the way that I feel at the moment.

Anyway, one of the lovely ladies on the AY forum was selling some Kilcarra Donegal Tweed Aran and of course, the colour struck a cord with me and I had to have it:


Isn’t that beautiful? It’s even better in real life. Those little flecks of blue you see are actually a teal-y colour and are like little bits of jewels. Love it. It’s a bit scratchy, but when washed it softens up considerably. Enough, I think, to wear against my skin.

Can you tell from the above that I’ve already swatched. And yep, for those of you that are really observant, it’s for the Tangled Yoke from Interweave Fall 2007. 😀

The swatch I did on the recommended needles, came up too big, so I dropped .25 size down and that was still too big. Enough so that even knitting the smallest size would be slightly too big, especially after washing. I knit the swatch on 3mm needles and found that I was getting gauge, but when washed, it was fluffing up quite a bit. So I went back up to the 3.25mm needles and found that I’m getting 21 sts to 4″, which means that once washed, the small size, will actually be a 36″/37″ Which in actual fact is pretty much what I wanted. So I’m knitting the instructions for a 34″ cardi, but in actual fact will have a close-to 37″. Kai is very pleased. Very, very pleased!

I have just the ribbing, all 5 and a half inches of it (longer than stated, but once again, this is fine and I’d calculated this. It will give me a longer body, which is what I wanted.), and here are the piccies:


Beautiful, nah? 🙂


11 thoughts on “WIP: Tangled Yoke

  1. Kai, its looking beautiful. I am glad you like the yarn. People who have used it said it softens up after washing. Im looking forward to seeing that Tangled Yoke, i have that in my queue 🙂

  2. Gorgeous colour! 😀 It’s in my queue as well, but whether it’ll get knit this year is debatable! Also, not sure if the style will suit me as all that tangling over my bazoomas might draw attention to them!

  3. That tweed is lovely. I had some and it softened up a LOT with a bit of a conditioner rinse.

    Can’t wait to see your tangled yoke form. I have some felted tweed ready to do one.

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