FO: Revisiting the Silk Tank Corset

Some of you may remember that I finished the Annie Modesitt Silk Tank Corset

In actual fact, only the knitting part was finished. I still had to add buttons. Now I thought I’d found the exact ones that I wanted while out shopping with Kate, Diane and my sister, in London. I was so excited.

When the time came to actually sew them on to the corset, I found that they were too small. 😦

So the project has been languishing in the WIP’s basket until I could find some buttons that would suit it.

Just before Christmas, I received the Kangaroo newsletter and found that Sue had some new buttons in. The ones I ordered are Mother-of-Pearl and are absolutely gorgeous!

I spent today sewing them in place and then refitting the buttonholes, as they were slightly too big.

This is what the whole thing looks like on:


And the back:


The side views show my tummy, so there’ll be none of those posted!! 😀

Personally, I think it needs to be longer in the body. And I’ve found that having missed out the last two rows of the pattern (because I just couldn’t get them to work with the pattern that was in place), it’s not as pointy where it should be. Maybe blocking it would help. 🙂

Details in terms of yarn, pattern, needles etc are here.


13 thoughts on “FO: Revisiting the Silk Tank Corset

  1. Hi Kai, have just read all your posts this year. krickey you have been busy. love all the knits and your spinning. where do you find the time. plus all that gorgoeus Xmas haul to drool over. methinks \i need some knittierly friends!!

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