More Fibre!

This is what I got in the post yesterday afternoon, from HelloYarn:

This is 1lb of Romney in Brown:


225g each of Corriedale in Charcoal Grey, Grape, Brown & Black:


And as a treat to myself, some SWTC Soy Silk in Karaoke White, 225g:


My favourite is the Soy Silk, it’s so buttery soft and so squishy, I can’t wait to have a play with that. But I need to gain more experience first, I think.

As for the grey and the black corriedale, well, they’re pretty much interchangeable, so I might spin up a bit of both and then ply them together. We’ll see!


7 thoughts on “More Fibre!

  1. Ooh, some very pretty fibres there. The soy silk sounds really neat! I can’t wait to see your spinning efforts with these. You’re definitely off to a great start, and I think you’ll find it gets faster and easier as you get used to the process.

    I have resolved to knit something with some of my existing handspun before I buy any more fibre, I think. I want to actually see what it looks like knit up before I invest in anything more exciting!

  2. that looks great I like the grey and the grape corridale… what was the shipping costs like? she has some superwash corridale in natural that I wouldn’t mind getting…… I haven’t tried anything too exotic yet like soy silk but I got my Romney yesterday it feels more like hair than fleece!!!!

  3. Oh, yum! especially the purple one!

    I have done some more fleece prep so can get going again.

    And I have subscribed to Spin Off as well, it works out about 5 quid cheaper an issue than the trip to Borders in Oxford + rip off import cover price!.

  4. to answer your question… no I didn’t split it right down into the thickness I wanted…

    1st split th entire roving in half lengthways so there was 2 strips. then with each strip I tore about 12″ of at a time and split each chunk lengthways into 6 pieces (sometimes I do 4 or 3 etc depending upon the thickness of the roving) and then as I spun each 1/6 I drafted it to the thickness I wanted…..


  5. What a fabulous selection of colors, textures, and breeds! You’re going to have a lot of fun. Don’t get frustrated if you’ve been spinning Merino and got the hang of spinning and suddenly find yourself “all thumbs” when you move on to the soy silk. Each roving is different and you have a bit of a “learning curve” each time you change “fabric”. It also matters if you’re spinning combed top vs. roving vs. pin-drafted roving…..each has it’s own “character”. I’m STILL learning that! Spinning is definitely a “journey”…..LOL!

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